Emirates Sky Cargo - Connecting Campaign

WSF has worked with the B2B freight division of Emirates for four years. The relationship started with strategic consultancy, working alongside the Head of Marketing to reposition the brand in communication terms away from the “nuts and bolts” of the business, targeting shippers and freight forwarders, and to being a thought-leader in international trade.

This resulted in a change in event strategy with SkyCargo seeking a voice in international and trade fora and a change in targeting as the brand chose to influence international CEO’s and CFO’s rather than simply the final decision maker.

WSF developed a content marketing strategy that clearly demonstrated the skills and quality of Emirates’ service but also engaged an audience that would not traditionally have had an interest in freight.

Emirates SkyCargo has become the largest and most profitable air cargo company on earth, and Emirates’ most profitable division. The content and the strategy behind it is widely recognised at Emirates as being the most efficient of any activity that the carrier regularly runs.


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